Virtual Program Associate NOW available
The Virtual Airline Associate program (VAA) is now available for those who would like to be recognized by VATSIM but do not meet all of the requirements to be a Partner. Most VAs are not able to become partners due to being unable to meet the minimum roster requirement of 20 pilots of whom 15 have flown a flight online for the VA within the preceding 90 days, or the VA has not been in existence for the 6 month minimum time in order to be considered. By enrolling in the VAA, a virtual airline will be able to have a listing so that prospective pilots are able to learn about the VA. The VA will be given periodic audits to determine if it is progressing toward full Partner status and guidance to help grow the VA will be available if requested. Due to a technical glitch the application page indicates that the VAA program is "Coming Soon", however, a VA wishing to join click the link stating they meet the requirements to be a Partner and wait for approval in the VAA program
VAA member granted Partner status
The Virtual Airline Associate program had its first "graduate" today. OneEngineOut Airways joined the program on 9/15 and completed all of the requirements necessary to meet the criteria needed to receive Partner status. At this time there are 10 additional VAs in the VAA program also working toward that goal.