Director of Virtual Airline Relations
It is my pleasure to announce that Tim Wong is returning to the VASOA department as Director of VA Relations. Tim served in this position 3 years ago and is eager to once again be involved.
VAVSOA Policy Udate
The policy governing civilian and Special Operations Partners has been updated and is available for viewing>Documents>Policy>Special Operations Guidelines. Major changes are very few but very important. Civilian VAs need to note Section which adds a requirement to conduct quarterly event flights SOA organizations should note which requires them to plan and execute at least one event annualy and section that allows expedited pilot training for qualified pilots. These requirements are effective immediately, however, enforcement of the event provisions will not be enacted until April 1, 2019.
The Virtual Airline Associate program had one more "graduated" VA today. QVirtual joined the program on December 2018 and completed all the necessary requirements to meet the criteria required to receive Partner status. At this time, there are an additional 9 VAs in the VAA program, also working to achieve this goal. VA Link - Congratulations
VAA Program Available!
The Virtual Airline Associate program (VAA) is now available for those who would like to be recognized by VATSIM but do not meet all of the requirements to be a Partner. By enrolling in the VAA program, a virtual airline will be able to have a listing so that prospective pilots are able to learn about the VA. The VA will be given periodic audits to determine if it is progressing toward full Partner status and guidance to help grow the VA will be available if requested. Minimum requirements to participate in the VAA Program: - 5 Registered Pilots with ID Vatsim. - Valid Website (no free websites allowed) - Display VATSIM Logo with a link to "" on homepage or Partners Section - Active Email Address for communication with VA Department - Maximum period of stay in the program: 6 months Due to a technical glitch the application indicates that the VAA program is "Coming Soon", however, a VA wishing to join click the link stating they meet the requirements to be a Partner and wait for approval in the VAA program